Provide community members with added value through the delivery of compelling content

Apart from maintaining value, interesting content can also be an effective marketing tool for your brand/business.

We provide highly curated contents, tailored to your business identity and needs

Customized Content

We will tailor the contents we create to your members' interests, identity and business goals.

User Generated Content

Kodegiri will create a strategy so that your community members can participate in creating content and increasing engagement for your business.

Analisis Kinerja Konten

Evaluasi efektivitas konten dan penyempurnaan strategi berdasarkan data nyata untuk melacak kinerja konten dan memahami preferensi anggota.

Types of content we can produce:

  • Graphical contents (pamphlets, infographics, carousels)
  • Video contents (short video suitable for reels & TikTok)

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